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Author Nicolina Martin

Saving Sandra - West Coast Doms Book 3

Saving Sandra - West Coast Doms Book 3

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Now that I’ve felt her fire, I can’t let her go—even if it burns both our lives to the ground…

I’m not what anyone would call a good man. Or I wasn’t. Until her

Sandra Hooper is an innocent single mom. Beautiful. In desperate need of domination. Her dark desires—the ones that simmer just beneath her cool façade—call to me in ways I can’t explain…or ignore.

I’m obsessed.

Then her name appears on my next contract and everything changes.

The hunter is about to become the protector. Because when I don’t take the hit, someone else will. Someone like me. And I’ll do anything, go to any lengths, to save what’s mine.

See, I didn’t have a heart. Not until she gave me hers. But now that I know what love feels like, I’m never letting it—or her—go…

*Intended for an 18+ audience. This book is a rerelease.*

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