Nicolina has a head full of people, dialogues and plots. She writes sexy, vibrant heroes and heroines that touch your heart. Her stories are raw and emotional with breathtaking action and steamy love scenes containing elements of dominance and submission.

She is a fierce Momma Bear to three gorgeous, clever young women.

In a beautiful, slightly disorganized apartment in a lovely little city by the coast in the south of Sweden she brings life to the crazy characters and plots she loves to share with you in a steadily growing amount of books.

What You Get

Enemies to lovers✅

Alpha males✅✅

Meek heroines❌❌❌

Heroines with a spine✅✅



Cookie cutter plots❌

All books sound the same❌

Twists and turns✅

Panty-melting sex scenes✅✅✅

Second chance at love✅

Emotional wounds✅

Unforgettable characters✅✅✅

Huge redemption arcs✅✅✅