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Author Nicolina Martin

Russo Saga Boxset books 1-3

Russo Saga Boxset books 1-3

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These men are dangerous, ruthless, savage, and answer only to Salvatore.

Nathan, Eric, and Lucas.

Three deadly executioners for the mafia, with no conscience and no mercy. But twists of fate bring them to the decision to will risk everything for their women. Even the wrath of the mob boss.

An innocent flirt in a tropical paradise turns deadly when Sydney is saved by a monster worse than her attacker.

Anna, a shy survivor who witnesses a murder, runs for her life only to get trapped with the hitman in an elevator.

A young prostitute, Carmen, finds love in the most unexpected of places while fighting for freedom.

Three unforgettable books. The first half of the Russo Saga.

*Intended for an 18+ audience.*

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