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Author Nicolina Martin

Restraining Reeba - West Coast Doms Book 4

Restraining Reeba - West Coast Doms Book 4

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We’re about to be tied up in ways we never could’ve imagined…

I didn’t think anyone could make me feel. Not again. Not after a cruel fate robbed me of everything and threw me into the pitch black hell of my own mind.

But she does.

Reeba is living, breathing energy. Vibrant and so damn hot it hurts. She makes me want to reunite with humankind, to be the man she deserves.

She’s also in lethal danger but refuses to believe it.

Kidnapping her is the only way to keep her safe, but now I’m not sure either of us will ever be 
safe again.

See, to keep her alive, I’m not only going to have to face the beast inside—I have to embrace it, and pray it doesn’t destroy us all.

And the men trying to take what’s mine? I hope their maker has mercy on their souls.

Because I sure as hell won’t.

*Intended for an 18+ audience. This book is a rerelease.*

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