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Author Nicolina Martin

Punishing Penelope - West Coast Doms Book 1

Punishing Penelope - West Coast Doms Book 1

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As a boy, he was everything I wanted. As a man, he is everything I despise.

Once upon a time, Peter Hale was my future. Until an unspeakable tragedy ripped us apart and shoved us down wildly different paths.

Now he has me at his mercy, forced to choose between prison or paying the penance he demands for my supposed sins.

Even as he stripes my body with his displeasure, even as he forces me to feel every bit of pain he has carried since we parted, something in me cries out for him. For his punishing touch, and for the brutal passion that still exists between us.

But the torment he inflicts only fuels the anger that has burned inside me all these years. And unless he can find a way to rein it in, the inferno of my fury threatens to scorch us both.

Along with the last glimmer of hope our love might have had.

*Intended for an 18+ audience. This book is a rerelease.*

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