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Author Nicolina Martin

Break My Chains

Break My Chains

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She thinks she can be my salvation. But I’m well beyond redemption…

The moment the door opens, I see it in her eyes. Recognition. Horror.


She knows who I am. What I am. And she knows I won’t hesitate to hurt her if she doesn’t obey.

What she can’t possibly know is how much I want her. How much I ache to feel her soft skin beneath my fingers, to claim her body in every brutal, violent way only a man like me can imagine.

But no matter how beautiful she is, all tied up and helpless, no matter that her pleas for mercy tug at the heart she doesn’t believe I have, giving her even a second of tenderness is a liability. A weakness I can’t afford.

Because I’m a wanted man… and I will die before I let them drag me back to that hell they call prison.

*Intended for an 18+ audience.*

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