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Author Nicolina Martin

Absolution - Russo Saga Book 5

Absolution - Russo Saga Book 5

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I thought I was safe. But now I know, there is nowhere I can run where he won’t find me.

The man who stalked me, hunted me. The man who conquered my body and stole my heart. The man who did everything in his power to destroy me.

The father of my child.

Just the sight of him fills me with terror. And a desperate, shameful longing. One look at him and my body aches for his savage touch, for those passion filled nights we shared before I learned who—what—he truly is.

I never wanted to be a part of his ruthless world. But that choice is no longer mine to make. Others are coming, men who do not contain even that shred of decency I’ve glimpsed in Christian.

With our daughter’s life at stake, I can only pray he finally sees our love for what it truly is: His north star, his light in the darkness, his compass.

His absolution..

*Intended for an 18+ audience. This book is a rerelease.*

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