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Author Nicolina Martin

Redemption - Russo Saga Book 4

Redemption - Russo Saga Book 4

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I can be a good soldier. Or I can claim what is rightfully mine.

I have my orders: Get rid of the pretty brunette with the sweet laugh and heart of gold.

But as I watch her, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, I’m captivated by her. She is everything I’m not, pure where I’m tarnished, the light to my dark, and I’m suddenly desperate for the sun.

Wanting her is a betrayal all of its own. Having her beneath me, sobbing out her pleasure as I claim her in every ruthless, savage way I can imagine, seals my fate.

Now, with everything I cherish on the line, there is nowhere she can hide from me. She is mine to possess, my most damning temptation, my one true weakness.

And my only hope of redemption.

*Intended for an 18+ audience. This book is a rerelease.*

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