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Author Nicolina Martin

Capo - Russo Saga Book 6

Capo - Russo Saga Book 6

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All my life, I’ve lived by one simple principle: Nobody tells me “No” and lives.

So when a little firecracker of a woman shows up on my front step to read me the riot act about how I run my operation, there’s only one way to deal with her.

That doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun, first.

Every day, I tease her, driving her mad with pleasure without giving her what she truly wants from me. And every night, I use her sweet body to feed my own depraved desires.

All the while, waiting for her surrender, for the moment she will truly be mine.

Because now that I’ve had a taste of her, the price for her defiance is no longer just her life. It is her complete submission, her freedom, her very soul.

And I will have my due.

*Intended for an 18+ audience. This book is a rerelease.*

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